2 weeks until I can end my year-long blogging gap…

Hello dear readers, who have no doubt almost forgotten of my existence over the course of the last year! As I’m sure some of you remember, I had disappeared from the face of the internet due to being in China this year and hence having to contend with the infamous great firewall of China.

Now, I have reached my last two weeks here, and i’m very excited to say I will be returning to writing very soon afterwards. Right now (as you would be right to ask ‘how on earth are you writing now then, if you’re still in China??’) my hostel has a VPN, but that has been a rather rare occurrence during my time here and i’ve used all those opportunities to contact family and friends rather than the blogging community.

Before I left for China, my writing was mainly poetry, with the occasional odd article on languages or other odd bits and bobs. Over the course of this year I have changed a fair bit, so don’t be surprised if the tone of this site changes slightly, but I hope that you will still enjoy reading.

Until two weeks time, I shall see you!

3 thoughts on “2 weeks until I can end my year-long blogging gap…

  1. I’m moving to China in one week! Will I not be able to post on here once I’m there? I have friends who are able to access FB so I didn’t think it would be an issue. Now I’m worried.

    • Hi, I’m so sorry I didn’t see your message until now. If you have a VPN, it’s perfectly fine. I didn,t so I was unable to. Hopefully you have a VPN, and so everything works.

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