brief look at ‘The Wasp Factory’

I want to spend the night reading rather than righting today, so I’ll be brief. About as brief as is possible to be.

I don’t recommend ‘The Wasp Factory’. Some criticize it for its sickeningly twisted story line, which is fully justified as the events that take place are horrific to say the least. For me however, it’s not worth reading simply because it isn’t written that well. Perhaps the only redeeming feature of the book is how the author draws out the many mysteries of the story across the book, even up to the very last page, but this is ruined by the almost crude way in which each mystery is revealed. I felt there was no natural flow to the story and it ended up feeling like a number of loose ends thrown together in a heap, never being tied together to make a complete product.

It is however set in Scotland, and that is never a bad thing.

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