unfinished piece, but nearly there…


I’m currently spending most of my time working on this canvas, as it slowly drives me mad.  The only part that hasn’t changed since beginning work painting is the sky, which i was happy with first time. Everything else has been repainted too many times to re-colour, reshape, etc…and to be completely honest i can’t wait to be finished with it. This also isn’t the most recent stage-i left in frustration today before taking a photo, but so little work was done today that the changed would be hardly noticed anyway. When it’s finished i’ll take a photo with a better camera as the phone camera really doesn’t do justice to the piece. It may not be finished but it does look alot better in reality.

Oh and if anyone thinks they may have seen the scene before, look back to my poem ‘missing the highlands’. The Photo from the hill is of The sound of Seil, on the west coat of Scotland, where this painting is set too.

Oil Paints on Canvas.

2 thoughts on “unfinished piece, but nearly there…

  1. You seem young to know so much . Your blog is beautiful and technically wonderful – wish I was as smart as you are when it comes to all this computer stuff. I am learning slowly. You are a very talented writer and I look forward to following you.

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