spontaneous piece-burning spheres

I should be studying this evening, but sometimes thoughts get in the way and must be dealt with before one can continue with endless book reading, note taking and essay writing. This is one of those moments.

As of yet, i still don’t know what i’m going to write on this post. I’ll just write what happens to come out of my head and give it a fitting title at the end. At the moment, I know as much about this article as you do; nothing. I think its going to be a poem, as i find it to be the best medium to express confused thoughts.  If you write down confused words on a blank page, things suddenly make sense. Why? its one of those mysteries that I would rather not understand just yet. Ok, i’m starting to develop an idea in my head but its incomplete.this could end up being either incredibly dull and incoherent or a perfect piece. I won’t know until i’ve started so lets see what happens…

The burning green spheres of

Someone or something stares;

Who it is what it is

I don’t recognise or understand.


Fire and water mix together

But neither ends each other,

For their destructive endeavours

This time are focussed on one goal.


The green becomes engulfed in flames

Of uncontrolled and pitiful rage,

The water recedes back within the caves

And waits for time to come.


The fires slowly burning out

Find soon that they are ashes,

And the passionate hues of past

Now are lost to lifeless grey.


But what can cause such fury

When no evil act has passed

Upon no creature or no thing,

Pain surely cannot last?


Yet his cold grasping hands hold fast

Onto the unsuspecting few

And strangle goodness and the last

Traces of the sphere’s changing hue


But as the last of life flows out

From those confused and troubled eyes,

The anger and the troubles mount,

The sphere releases hold and cries.

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