A follow up to an earlier award post…

I have just realised that on the last award i recieved i was supposed to say 7 interesting things about myself. So i just thought i would do that now…it allows me to write a quick post when I don’t have the time to write a more creative and -dare i say it- a more interesting post. Some of the regular readers might enjoy finding out a few random facts about me though, so enjoy 🙂

1. I had never written a piece of poetry before starting up thoughtofvg and it only became focussed on poetry through pure coincidence. Some people tell me I do a pretty good job of it, so there must be some talent hidden away there 😉

2. My dream is to live in either Germany or Scandinavia making my way in life through creative means only. I dread the 9-5, even if i must at some point be part of it in order to realise my dream.


scandinavia (Photo credit: herbstkind)

3. Music and painting are my mains form of expression, not writing. Luckily writing becomes part of music and words are visual as well as spoken, so everything comes together in the end.

4. I’m still at school and will be for another year. I was forced to stay a year extra than usual in order to study what i wanted to.

5. I am currently on a personal journey to become a better person. I think it is a journey we all should take once we discover the start of its path.  Just as Plato believed, (but in slightly different context) none of us will ever reach the end of it but we certainly are doing better than most to try.

Plato. Luni marble, copy of the portrait made ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. I have one fundamental goal in life. To be happy and to make others happy.

7. none of points 1 to 6 have yet been fully fulfilled.

and a bonus point. 8. I seem to tell this blog more about myself than i tell even my closest friends or family. So i hope you followers get something out of reading my posts 🙂

a balance of work

I’m sure most people get told how they should balance their work and rest to make it more manageable. But just how do you fit in everything there is to do? I hear people often complain about a heavy workload, but look at it this way-with a lot of work, you improve and the more work you put in now, either it will be easier later or you will achieve more overall.

so here are some of my opinions on balancing everything:

Even when reaching a deadline, there is more to life than school work, business, or whatever work you happen to do. You simply won’t be engaged on your deadline with endless focus on it alone. If you have multiple deadlines, don’t work on one then the next but instead swap between them in order to keep them feeling fresh and interesting.

Don’t stop your hobbies temporarily to make time for something ‘more important’. Its ok to reduce the amount of time you spend on a hobby, but if you are passionate about something you should never stop. You may look back one day to find that you have lost time for it forever.

Always set yourself goals. Without them you have no idea where you are going and therefore can’t balance your time efficiently.

And heres just a thought i had today. Plato came up with an analogy for the link between the body, mind and soul, called the analogy of the charioteer. He describes the body and mind to be two horses, that wish to run in opposite directions, only being held together by the charioteer, who symbolises the soul. Essentially what Plato is saying in this analogy is that the body and mind have conflicting ideas, but the soul keeps them together. Whether or not you like this concept or not, i think that his analogy works rather well for the balance of work. Your mind wants to work and your body makes you procrastinate, however there is something that makes you eventually bottle down and do that work. Now in that analogy, swap your soul for your passion and ambitions and it makes sense. It is in the end (or at least should be) your ambitions that make you want to work, and also what takes you away from the tv and one stop closer to your dreams.

Your soul is your ambition.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment 🙂