The Pendant

You curve and turn like I have done

Yet you have stayed the same

Although now its you and me alone

Lingering memories remain

We stood smiling for the camera’s click

Three people with no fear

You hanged, as now, around my neck

With people gone and dear

You travelled far across the world

And were meant to catch the sea

Instead you grasped to memories

That hold so much for me.

fish hook 2

(couldn’t find a picture of one similar to mine…)

erinnierst du dich? (do you remember?)

I felt like writing something in German tonight…It’s pretty simple as I have little experience of writing creatively in it. If you don’t understand German, or my poor grammar has made it impossible to read, there’s a translation at the bottom. Even if you don’t speak German, read it anyway just to enjoy those lovely words =)

Ich wünsche dass, ich wusste

Wo deine Freude ging

Ich weiss nicht

Wer du bist

Nun dass du so böse bist


Einst warst du perfekt

Vor du selbst vergesst

Wer du bist

Weiss ich nicht

Erinnierst du dich?



I wish that i knew,

Where your joy went

I don’t know

Who you are

Now you are so evil


Once you were perfect

before you forgot

who you are

I don’t know

Do you remember?