Brilliant Disguise


We all wear disguises.

Some are elaborate, entwined with layers of truth and deception, so closely wound that no one can tell one strain from another.

Not even the wearer of the disguise.

Some are simple, a brief disguise to get out of a meeting, or to say you’re ok, when you’re actually sad,happy, tired, excited, angry, at peace.

I have disguises. You do too. We all do, but Some don’t know they have disguises. They worked on them for too long, without paying attention to where the thread and needle went. Now they are tied up completely, helplessly.

I have many disguises.

One is a brilliant disguise.

For an age, no one would break that brilliant disguise. Until necessity called for the string of deception to be cut. and cut. and cut.

And one day, my brilliant disguise will be gone. A painful yet beautiful truth let loose to a world that burns and punishes the unknown.

I await the final cut. I await a brilliant disguise to become a brilliant truth.


part of blogging101, inspired by the given prompt ‘Brilliant Disguise’

I Write The Headlines

They swallow my every word

As if it made some sense,

It’s printed in the papers now,

My false knowledge dispensed.

I write the headlines,

Make the news for you,

It really doesn’t matter

How much of it is true.

We have Contravertial stories now,

These twisted tales will sell;

Money is what we  care about,

Not the stories that we tell.

I write the headlines,

I hope that you enjoy,

One day you might realise

Just how much that i’ve destroyed.


I haven’t written in ages…I do have the excuse of being on holiday but nevertheless I do feel bad about neglecting you guys.  And a prior apology to ‘pouringmyartout’ for still not writing a happy piece. Sorry!


Teach them lies

Infect their minds

Come inside

It’s warm inside

We are the institution

We are your one solution

Your death leads to salvation

Your life to fuel a burning nation

You can blank our nation’s strife

We taught them lies

Infected their minds

with teachings of a different kind

Its warm inside…



please note i have nothing at all against religion, only the institution and structures behind many religions. I have no intention to offend.

No Trust Deserved

You have pushed me out the door

And I have locked it on myself,

The key thrown madly to the floor;

A symbol of the pain you dealt.


I will not hear your lies again

Staring blankly as if I cared;

The accusations you claimed ten-

Fold more than I should have heard.


The lines between the honest truths

And malicious lies are blurred,

You have not one shot of ruth

And now my sleeping anger stirs.


The human being we all should trust

A loving figure of endless love?

Such misconceptions turned to dust

In the liar’s raging molten stove.


I once forgave you of all wrongs

An act you never did deserve

I should have stuck to saddening songs

As mistrust now with vengeance returns.


A game of chess and lies.

Stuck between a truth and lie

A truth and a truth

A lie and a lie?

Each important day since youth

A game where they moved me

Forwards and back upon black and white squares.

A pawn, controlled, they cared not for me

Pushed further than they should have dared

The noble pawn cannot turn back

Despite how high the odds are stacked.

Chess piece - White pawn, Staunton design

Chess piece – White pawn, Staunton design (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“fine” is a lie.

The simplest of questions,

A harmless “how are you?”

Warrants not a simple answer,

As “fine” is never true.

Behind the eyes of those who say,

Such undeniably blatant lies,

Their thoughts into the darkness fade,

Away from human judgment hides.

It seems we fear to show the truth,

Of our secret states of mind,

We keep away from others ruth,

Our emotions left behind.

Eye death

Eye death (Photo credit: @Doug88888)