“I can’t imagine what it would be like to let go of my goals”

That title gives off a common view. “I can’t imagine what it would be like to let go of my goals.”

Well then, at that point you’re already in trouble.

If you can’t imagine each element of your goals, then you risk never reaching them – even when it is the act of giving up on them.

We need to imagine what it would be like to let go of our goals, because in doing, we understand everything which is at stake.

Why not go imagine what it would be like to let go of your goals?

One last time.

I wrote this in about 5 minutes, and I like it. Look to my previous post on what I was doing while writing this.

One last time

To tunnel to the sky

One last time

To break the wall of sighs

One last time

starts ticking by my eyes

One last time

Reaching for sublime

One last time

The soul becomes a shrine

One last time

For this to be our time.


Yesterday I died.


Years of being someone else

Brought me to a sudden end.

Yesterday the blow was dealt;

A blow I didn’t want to fend.


Yesterday I died.


The build up long, the moment swift,

Was gone before the eyes had blinked

To clear a tear, a head to lift

Towards a light before I sink.


Today I was reborn


From ashes I become myself

My mind is made my path is set

Conviction for the goal is held

To find the future I haven’t met.




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on inspiration and moving thoughtofvg to new places in the blogosphere.

It goes without saying that I don’t write regularly enough for this blog. I would love if i felt inspired every day to write, but I haven’t quite got there yet. I was however just reading a lovely post from Talin Orfali which made me realise something I had forgotten, yet is important not just for blogging but for everything creative-you have to always be on the search for inspiration.

The search for inspiration is a wonderful thing. It’s only stressful if you make it to be, like when thinking desperately for something to write about after a mundane day of not doing much. Because of this i’m setting myself a goal from now on. From today onwards I aim to not see any day as mundane, choosing to find interest in the smallest events and moments of the day. I’ll start with today. Talin Orfali’s post on the wonders of blogging itself is my inspirational small moment today. I logged into wordpress with the intention to read a few blogs and check any comments and have instead found a new goal to fulfil-to blog everyday, no matter how large or small the post is. Any regular readers would probably know that finding and reaching goals is very important to me, so finding a new exciting goal is fantastic for me.

In order to do this, I will continue to write alot of poetry, but it won’t neccessarily be the focus of the blog. Instead i hope to come back more to the original idea of thoughtofvg and have a bit of everything-poetry, music, art, philosophy…basically whatever springs to mind as long as it is creative or thought driven. Any followers who are here just for the poetry, sorry about that but it will become much more in line with my original vision and hopefully you might just enjoy following me even more (hopefully…in a perfect world at least).

thoughtofVG’s attempt at posting everyday starts today!




a positive world

Recently i’ve been trying to look at everything in a positive way and so far, its working quite nicely. Obviously there are some things which are certainly harder to look at positively, and others that just will never be a good thing, but simply trying is one step further away from being a grumpy pessimist.

So what was it that made me want to think more positively? bluntly put, i had been depressed. For quite a long time at that. After spending a few years of thinking everything and everyone is against you in some way, one may consider it impossible to see the world in a good light again. Trust me, its not. In fact, it allows you to appreciate it in a way you would not even be able to imagine if you hadn’t gone through a rough spot. A theologian named Irenaeus, for example, believed that we had to experience suffering as a form of  ‘soul making’ in order to better ourselves and ultimately bring us closer to God. As i am not a believer in God (at least not in a traditional manner), I don’t see this soul making concept in regards to god, but there is certainly something to say about it to describe how suffering can bring the best out in us.

Irenaeus compiled a list of apostolic successi...

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What happened after coming through that rough spot? For me, I found i had learnt alot from suffering;  perhaps the biggest thing being that i have something to compare good experiences to. I also rediscovered what was really important to me, and in this way i would actually say that being depressed was important in finding a positive way of thought. This comes straight back to Irenaeus and his soul making; it looks like his idea may have had some truth in it. Because of the apparent truth in Irenaeus’ words, I can say that I believe suffering to be a fundamental part of positive thinking. It may seem odd that the complete opposite of what good is, also is a fundamental part of good itself, but consider that without evil, good cannot exist. So in order to become a positive thinker, you must acknowledge the importance of suffering and evil.

Now back to thinking positively.  Heres a few points that i think are important in positive thinking:

1. Acknowledge that not everything is good, as it can’t be good without something bad to contrast it.

2. Anything that you consider bad, think about whether or not something good could come from it. For example, many may consider a volcanic eruption a cause of suffering and damage, but it also creates incredibly fertile land able to support life.

3. Realise your goals and go for them. nothing is more positive than success. You will probably suffer while trying to reach the goals, but in the end that suffering was a fundamental part of reaching it.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment 🙂