Trying something new here…

I’ve tried something a little bit different today. Its not a poem and its not really a thought or story. Instead, a sort of more creative way of writing out a thought, but almost verging on (very) short story. I can’t really explain it, so i’ll just share this little bit of writing and you can tell me what you think…

My simple world

It was late. Yet I still kept writing; scribbling away on pages and pages of once pristine white paper. It felt almost terrible to cover something so pure in the scrawling mess of writing that was so haphazardly forced upon it – The paper’s purity slowly being enveloped in a writer’s struggle to express the feelings he know he feels, without knowing exactly what they are.

Reader, I ask you whether you also have felt emotions that don’t seem to fit the limited vocabulary we have devoted to feelings? After all, we all are so different from one another that what we feel and how we are affected by the strange happenings of the world surely cannot be completely described in ways we can accurately pass onto others.

It was one such feeling that I slaved upon into the early hours of the morning. It had been troubling me for a whole day now and seemed particularly out of the ordinary. How could one conversation change the whole of my simple world?

darkness in the mind of all

there is foul darkness in the mind of all

yet the minds of all are not the same

why was it you who had to blame

and I who into flames must fall?

your mind’s fire burns coldly without soul,

false passion blinded all truth and all reason

and anger roars; a thoughtless demon,

your life to demons you now do owe

There is yet time to escape their gripping hold

melt the ice fires and let true passion run free

cold as your shackles may be

truth melts with ease such cold

there is foul darkness in the mind of all

in my mind too its painful taint holds strong

but I found myself the journey long

while you through darkness still do crawl.

Absolute darkness

Absolute darkness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)