the sounds of creativity.

Are you a creative person? Well let me recommend something to you. Alpha wave sound or music. Just sit comfortably, turn it on. Start writing, drawing, painting, observing, thinking, dreaming, singing, playing; whatever you do to create. Now feel your creativity flow. I’m writing this, and the poem in my next post, whilst listening to some (look on youtube). Even if you’re dubious, try it. Some work better for people than others, but look around until you find something that works.

everything is inspiration

This is another post similar to the last one; somewhere between thought/diary entry/very very short story. Maybe there is a name for this style of writing, if there isn’t maybe it might catch on…

It is in the darkness and peace of night that my creativity flows. In this mysterious void, that thoughts mingle with stories and ideas and flood out in a terrific yet horrific amalgamation of words on a page. It is a time where I come in contact with myself and ponder; over the day, the world, everything. With reality so easily distorted in the night there is time to stop and think. With borders of realiy blurred and bent we can step further into our minds – maybe to places we don’t want to go – and see what normally cannot be seen. Darkness is inspiration too, not only content for creativity. But then…everything is inspiration.

The Work and the Creativity

For today’s average post I must apologise;

I have unfortunately work that really must be done,

This tiring work has been delayed and now is oversized,

Pressure starts to quickly build and truly weighs a ton.


Inconvenient explains not the lack of time to write,

Is this spot of creative block a waste or of life’s needs?

The pay off of that work may show when the future’s in my sight;

Until then I endeavour to keep sowing creative seeds.


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Paperwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)