Did you know? you’re all inspiring.

It’s true – everyone here on wordpress is inspiring to me. Even those blogs that my eyes jump over in an instant as if they were never there are amazing. Even those who have ideas that I disagree with have a positive influence on me…I even follow one or two blogs whose views are opposed to mine. Now, i have to attempt to justify why I think this, and feel free to disagree with me – that’s partly what the comment box is for after all!

Do you remember when and why you started writing or reading on wordpress? I do – and, my friends, is for another post. My guess is that you had something to share with the world; a passion, a hobby, a talent, a story, news; something that all in all was incredibly important to you. Or maybe it was an experiment – a search for a new hobby perhaps, or a new form of public diary.


BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

What’s important, is that we all made the active decision to start writing and join this flourishing community. No one forced you (I hope) to share your thoughts here. What is even more amazing is just how open some of you are here. They say one of the reasons people write without inhibitions on the internet is because they are anonymous. That is rarely the case on a blog. Most of us have a page that tells our followers about ourselves, and some even share the most private of things, for the good of others.

That active decision to share what you’re passionate about, and then to write about it regularly, is what I find so inspiring about all of you.

But maybe you need some proof of the inspiration all around you as you delve through WordPress. For that reason, i’ll point out a handful of blogs (of rather different types) that prove my point of just how inspiring all bloggers can be. Now, this next part, as well as pointing out the inspiration there is to grab on the blogosphere, is also a thanks to all the bloggers I have written about and linked. And a note to the written about bloggers, this isn’t one of the blog awards – it’s simply a sign of thanks as I rarely comment, but truly appreciate what you write.

I’ll start off with one of my first and no doubt my most loyal follower, whether he realises it or not, ‘Pouring my art out’. I believe he started blogging about the same time as me, but I must say he’s been much more successful than myself. And for good reason. He owns one of the most entertaining blogs i’ve come across in the year i’ve been here on wordpress. It’s hard, if not impossible to try and understand the mind of PMAO as it can get pretty strange sometimes on his blog, but the dedication to regular posting and the devotion to entertain, is in one word, inspiring. Pmao, Thank you.

Secondly, I’m going to mention a blog called ‘Rolling with Vishnu’. I know very little about hinduism, myself being agnostic, but I am very interested in all forms of philosophical and theological thought. The author particularly inspires me for the reason he is a paraplegic, who uses some of his time to make life better for others through exploration of Vaishnava Hindu thought. I feel I have learnt from his blog, and in the end that is what is important. Rolling with Vishnu, Thank you.

Next is ‘Life as I see it’. I always found this blog inspiring from the first time I stumbled on it. I found myself staring at a stunning scene from Nova Scotia, with an inspiring quote attached to it. What more could someone ask to see? But I’ve learnt since then that the blogger has fought disease for the last few years, and despite that she is thankful for everything. The positive energy from ‘life as I see it’ is incredible. Life as I see it, Thank you

Now i’d like to thank ‘Source of Inspiration’ . As i mentioned previously in regards to rolling with Vishnu, I’m agnostic but interested in religious ideas. source of inspiration finds her inspiration from the abrahamic God (I have to say abrahamic, as I don’t remember seeing any mention of Jesus, so I can’t say for certain if the blogger speaks from a christian, jewish or muslim view. It feels mainly christian to me, but I can’t say for certain (Apologies if this is offensive to you Pat Cegan, I sincerely hope it isnt, but i’m aware some would be offended)). What I find so inspiring about this blog is the passion felt for God and everything that is given by God. God (sorry for the repetition of ‘God’ but I refuse to give God a gender) is a strongly positive force in her poetry, inspiring, supporting and leading; and the glory of God is portrayed wonderfully. Such energy to describe God is englightening to someone like myself who has no faith, but is open to and wishes to learn more about ideas of faith. Source of inspiration, thank you.

Finally, I finish with ‘Work the Dream’. I read this blog regularly, and almost never comment on it despite it being worthy of a lot of time. The problem is, I often read the posts, then have nothing to say that could possibly add to it. Each post is just simply inspiring. I’ve talked about a positive energy in quite a few of the above blogs, and it is the same with work the dream. The blogger, whose name escape me (although i’m sure it’s mentioned somewhere on her blog), is permanently on oxygen and suffers from other disabilities, yet you will struggle to find a more positive blog about happiness, dreams, kindness; essentially everything good there is about emotions and morals. On her blog, you will find stories of good times and hard times, but they will always be positive. You will find quotes that in themselves are inspiring, but always inheritedly linked to the post -which just accentuates how meaningful her posts are. Of all the blogs I have listed, this is perhaps the most inspiring, and yet I never have anything to comment with on her posts. It’s hard to explain, but the feeling I get from her posts simply makes me think that my comments couldn’t not just add anything to the conversation of her post, but also not express my thanks or thoughts on each topic. So work the dream, thank you.

Now just to wrap up today’s writing. What i’ve been trying to prove here is how amazing it is that you’re all here, writing, sharing and being so open. here are the everyday thoughts and lives of people, showing the rest of the world that the everyday person and story is as inspiring as the characters of the history books. You have all chosen to make a mark on everyone that sees your work and continue to share. Most of you don’t expect to make money from all this writing – all most of you wish is that you’re contributing to the world and making other people’s lives better.

That, whether you agree, makes you all inspiring.

Thank you.


Happy Blog anniversary to me!

Word press has reliably informed me that today, is the first anniversary of my blog! Well, I must say that it’s been a journey, full of surprises and new discoveries. So here are some stats from the first year, and I consider them pretty good as I have never been in the blogosphere prior to starting ‘thoughtofvg’, and for that matter had never put any of my work into a public domain.

Posts – 98 (99 after this one, and 100 after i’ve posted today’s main post)

Views -2137

Comments – 331 (excluding the over 1000 of spam…)

Best ever views for a day – 102

Followers – 124

Most comments by – Pouringmyartout (thank you!)

And views from across the world, from every continent, from an incredible range of countries!

So thank you all for the first year of blogging, and now onwards to better things!



A follow up to an earlier award post…

I have just realised that on the last award i recieved i was supposed to say 7 interesting things about myself. So i just thought i would do that now…it allows me to write a quick post when I don’t have the time to write a more creative and -dare i say it- a more interesting post. Some of the regular readers might enjoy finding out a few random facts about me though, so enjoy 🙂

1. I had never written a piece of poetry before starting up thoughtofvg and it only became focussed on poetry through pure coincidence. Some people tell me I do a pretty good job of it, so there must be some talent hidden away there 😉

2. My dream is to live in either Germany or Scandinavia making my way in life through creative means only. I dread the 9-5, even if i must at some point be part of it in order to realise my dream.


scandinavia (Photo credit: herbstkind)

3. Music and painting are my mains form of expression, not writing. Luckily writing becomes part of music and words are visual as well as spoken, so everything comes together in the end.

4. I’m still at school and will be for another year. I was forced to stay a year extra than usual in order to study what i wanted to.

5. I am currently on a personal journey to become a better person. I think it is a journey we all should take once we discover the start of its path.  Just as Plato believed, (but in slightly different context) none of us will ever reach the end of it but we certainly are doing better than most to try.

Plato. Luni marble, copy of the portrait made ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. I have one fundamental goal in life. To be happy and to make others happy.

7. none of points 1 to 6 have yet been fully fulfilled.

and a bonus point. 8. I seem to tell this blog more about myself than i tell even my closest friends or family. So i hope you followers get something out of reading my posts 🙂

The Liebster Blog Award

Today i came onto my blog to find that the fantastic blog Limited Literature  has awarded me very kindly with the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much, it has been yet another boost to my confidence and determination to make this a very special blog indeed.

The award was started to in order to be given to excellent bloggers, with fewer than 200 followers recognition for their efforts and promotion to a larger audience.

Like ‘Limited Literature, I also have a love of the German language (and all things to do with Germany) so to be given an award that originated in Germany is extra special.

There are some simple rules for the recipient of a Liebster Blog Award:

The rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you (for some great poetry and creative writing, check out Limited Literature)
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed (see below)
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog

Now for five blogs of fewer than 200 followers that I would like to give the award to. I don’t yet follow many blogs, only choosing ones that i really enjoy reading, so I must say firstly that I am not certain that these blogs do in fact have few enough followers. Nevertheless they do deserve recognition for their great work.

1.Path of Resonance-this is the blog that inspired me to start my own and looks at a number of things including the blogger’s approach to life and musical posts, in particular about the darbuka drum.

2. Lance Schaubert-a wonderfully creative blog, but hard to describe as there is so much going on it it. everything from film reviews to cartography. certainly worth checking out.

3.Haiku 365-The title of this blog almost says it all, but there is a twist-a beautiful photo goes along with each haiku poem.

4.Good Geek Ranting-I’m pretty certain this one has over 200 followers, but its tricky picking from those i follow as i don’t have a long list to choose from. However, this blog certainly deserves recognition. I would describe this blog as ‘life as a story’ and seems to make even the normal day seem gripping.

5.Kjpgarcia-theres some really creative poetry on this blog so well worth checking out.

I would reccomend checking all these blogs out, despite me thinking half of them may not really fit into the ‘under 200 followers’ category.

a month on

i’ve had this blog up and running for a month now and its certainly been an interesting experience, so i thought i would just write a little looking back on my first month in the blog world.

I started it because i was inspired by a fantastic blog called ‘path of resonance’, which is written by a member of a band that i very much like. I loved how the blog seemed to be a way of not only  expressing yourself, but also sharing your successes, failures, goals and experiences with the whole world. For me, that is the pure joy of my short experience of blogging; being able to share your thoughts with everyone and those who can relate or enjoy those thoughts, are then able to share it with even more people. Essentially, the blog becomes a way for the world to learn and grow with eachother, ultimately leading to us all becoming better people with a far wider set of interests than we had prior to starting our blogging journey.

So what have I learnt? My first discovery was just the amazingly vast amount of knowledge, ideas and creativity that is being produced every minute and then being shared for all to enjoy. That alone is incredible. Then, I began to find out what truely interests me. The first time you sit down to write a blog is a strange experience, as you wonder “what do I want to write about? are others going to be interested in what I have to say? How do I write a blog?” and so on. But eventually, even if you had no plan on where to head in the first place you eventually end up gravitating towards certain things; for me it seems to be poetry-something i hadn’t even considered when i started out a month ago. I actually wanted to have a purely philisophical and thought based blog, but instead i found myself writing wondering thoughts in poetic language rather than prose. And it worked for me. Another thing that I have learnt is that praise from people you don’t know, is something much more special than that which comes from friends and collegues. Why? I think its because when someone you have never met likes your work, there is no bias, no reason for that person to spend their time appreciating what you have done.

What next then? I’ve decided that although it was not something that struck me as an idea at the start of my blog, poetry is going to remain an integral part of it. However, what i set as my starting point involved music and art and as of yet, there hasn’t been much of these on my blog (other than a short thought on why i prefer sad music to happy) and i feel the next step is to bring these in as a combination with my poetry. Poems will become lyrics for songs in the process of composition and there will be art work (hopefully) to also go along with the poetry and thoughts. Which reminds me, I really must post my painting based on Edgar Allen Poe’s masterpiece, ‘The Raven’.

Finally, i’d like to thank all those who have liked, followed, commented or even visited by blog. I may have not have that many, but the few that I do have, have given me the confidence to make something really special of it and share my ideas and creativity with an ever increasing and vibrant blogging community. Thanks for reading.