language tutoring service

Are you learning German, Mandarin Chinese, or beginners Japanese?

I can help you practice, and give excellent guidance on language learning based on 2 years of teaching English abroad and personal experience of learning 6 languages (German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Cantonese).

If you live in Cambridgeshire, UK, we may be able to organise in-person tutoring. Otherwise, tutoring will take place online over Skype.

Language and teaching experience

  • I graduated from the University of Leeds with First Class Honours in German and Chinese studies, with spoken distinction in Mandarin Chinese.
  • I lived in China for 2 years, one as a teacher and one as a student. Now I speak, read and write Chinese at a very high level.
  • I was an exchange student in Leipzig, Germany, where I studied political science, German literature and Swedish in German language classes. My German competency is now excellent.
  • I was a teacher in Japan for 8 months, where I reached a conversational level in 6 months. I am currently studying to take the JLPT N2 language test.
  • I have taught English in Japan and China to varying ages and class sizes. In Western China, I taught over 1000 middle school students in classes of 50, but in Beijing I led one-on-one tutoring sessions for a prospective masters student. My students in Japan meanwhile varied from ages 7 to 15.

What can you expect from my tutoring sessions?

I believe in a very strong focus on speaking. With a clever approach, you can speak from day 1 and make rapid progress through using the language.

Language learning should be about fun and discovery. I can help with grammar if the student so desires, but my approach emphasises using language and encouraging the language to be ingrained subconsciously.

For beginner students, we will build up a foundation in basic conversational language through speaking. You will be introduced to methods for learning vocabulary at an astounding rate. We will work particularly hard on developing your confidence to use what you know, and use it effectively.

For intermediate students, we will develop your language abilities through exploring your interests in the target language. If you are for example learning German and are interested in music, we can use songs and band interviews as our materials. If you are learning Chinese and are interested in politics, we can explore the fascinating world of Chinese politics using Chinese language.

Contact me

You can contact me in the following ways:

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