The very Inspiring Blogger Award

Attempt 2 at writing this after it was deleted last time.

When i first started this blog, I would never have expected to have recieved awards. This is my fourth since i entered the blogosphere in February this year. Wow. This time, i have been graciously nominated for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ by Cyril Cliffette, a highly inspiring blogger herself who I had already decided would be recieving a nomination next time i recieved an award. Little did i know that it would be her that would gift me that award.

Like all these awards, there are a few rules:

1. Give thanks to your nominee-thank you Cyril, I really appreciate your kindness!

2. Write 7 things about yourself.

3.Give 7 nominations to fellow inspiring bloggers.

So here are 7 things about myself (different hopefully from the ones from my last award)

1. By writing this blog i have refuelled a passion for writing that i had lost over time. In primary school I looked forward excitedly to the English lessons where we would write short stories, but slowly this passion disappeared to be replaced with my love of music and further down the line languages.

2.This rediscovered passion has led to me having an urge to write a novel at some point. I have no idea what i would write about yet, but I’m sure my year in china (starting the end of next year) will be a source of inspiration.

3. I have never understood the stereotype in the UK that the German language is agressive and ugly. For me it is the very most beautiful language in the world and has led me to a new world of literature and music that many will never find. For me, languages are an essential key to the world and understanding it.

4. I love many music styles but have a particular love for prog rock, celtic, metal and schwarze Szene music. I wish for a time that people realise that not all metal is painfully awful thrashing of guitars and mindless screaming. I truely believe that some of the most beautiful songs ever written are by metal bands-and i shall give a few examples: Dream Theater-Wait for sleep,  Sonata Arctica-My Selene, Opeth-Burden (and any gentle Opeth track for that matter. Patterns in the ivy, entire of damnation album, most of heritage album…list goes on)

5. I really want to have a go at writing some poetry in German, And even swedish when my swedish improves.

6. My two favourite places in the world are Edinburgh, my home town and Stockholm, the first place abroad i fell in love with.

7. I can be very pessimistic about mankind as a single entity, but not each person that make up that mankind. There are so many wonderful people to be a complete pessimist and lose complete hope in mankind.

And now for the nominations. As i said at the start of this post, this is my second time writing it after word press decided to delete it all for some reason…so this bit is shortened down a bit out of writing fatigue and an urge to go to sleep. I originally wrote a short passage on each of my nominees and why they were inspiring to me, but thats not going to happen this time round i’m afraid. Sorry guys!

1. Good Geek Ranting

2. Haiga 365

3. Cliffette’s Journal (i know you gave me the award, but if it is to go to inspiring people, i really must give it to you.)

4. Pouring My Art Out

5. Blue Lily Storm

Now you can see i have only 5 and not 7. This is because i wanted to give only to those who truely have inspired me as the award says. Other blogs I follow I do find inspiring, but not on quite the same personal level as these blogs. If I have nominated you, you do truely deserve the award. Thank you for your inspiring blogs!

A change of fate

All has changed since I first stood

Upon the ground that I now stand

And thought what if I’d understood;

My dreams fell through fingers like sand.

All hope was lost life goals had gone

To leave but memories of a dream;

The soul left body with pain alone,

Good thoughts lost to a raging stream.


Yet time came to reverse the pain

To bring the soul to body whole;

The daemons of misfortune slain

By hard passion to take control.

Although the horses pull away

From straining chains of charioteer,

They did not break; to my dismay

My Self combined to one, can cheer.


All has changed since I first stood

Upon the ground that I now stand,

The changes made for greatest good;

A fate my conscious can’t understand.

What we can’t know may pain the mind,

To flee from changes in our meaning

But heard my fate and grasped- I find

After years that I am  dreaming.


As my first post proper post for over a month I am glad to say that i think this is my favourite poem I have ever written. I have been spending the last few weeks working hard for exams that, as of yesterday, are now done and gone. This poem is a reflection of my current thoughts and how I have come a long long way since the beginning of this year-Academically, emotionally and although I am not religious-even spiritually. I said a few months ago that i planned to implement some of Yeats’ poetic techniques into one of my own poems and you may notice some here. I would never say that i am anywhere near the genius standard of Mr Yeats, but i can say that I have learnt alot from studying him and writing part of my English exam on his work.

Feel free to comment-I love both criticism, analysis and praise!

(one last note-I have also been awarded graciously a new award-and to the kind person who gifted this to me, i have not forgotten! I will follow this up in the near future!)


Would you pay me a pound for every grain of sa...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A follow up to an earlier award post…

I have just realised that on the last award i recieved i was supposed to say 7 interesting things about myself. So i just thought i would do that now…it allows me to write a quick post when I don’t have the time to write a more creative and -dare i say it- a more interesting post. Some of the regular readers might enjoy finding out a few random facts about me though, so enjoy 🙂

1. I had never written a piece of poetry before starting up thoughtofvg and it only became focussed on poetry through pure coincidence. Some people tell me I do a pretty good job of it, so there must be some talent hidden away there 😉

2. My dream is to live in either Germany or Scandinavia making my way in life through creative means only. I dread the 9-5, even if i must at some point be part of it in order to realise my dream.


scandinavia (Photo credit: herbstkind)

3. Music and painting are my mains form of expression, not writing. Luckily writing becomes part of music and words are visual as well as spoken, so everything comes together in the end.

4. I’m still at school and will be for another year. I was forced to stay a year extra than usual in order to study what i wanted to.

5. I am currently on a personal journey to become a better person. I think it is a journey we all should take once we discover the start of its path.  Just as Plato believed, (but in slightly different context) none of us will ever reach the end of it but we certainly are doing better than most to try.

Plato. Luni marble, copy of the portrait made ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. I have one fundamental goal in life. To be happy and to make others happy.

7. none of points 1 to 6 have yet been fully fulfilled.

and a bonus point. 8. I seem to tell this blog more about myself than i tell even my closest friends or family. So i hope you followers get something out of reading my posts 🙂

the versatile blogger award

I have been kindly awarded my third blog award by Michelle Bloom.  Thank you so much, I really do appreciate the fact you enjoy reading my blog enough to give me the ‘versatile blogger award’.

Like most of the awards on WordPress, it is required to pass the award onto a few fellow bloggers. In the case of the versatile blogger award, the award goes to 15 people. As i have said on earlier award posts, I don’t follow many blogs, so I may no reach the required 15 people but if you are one of those who do recieve the award it would be great if you could give the award to 15 others.

so the recievers of the award are…


Nomad Grad

World Music-the music journey

Cliffette’s Journal

Pouring my art out

The Panda Chronicles

Truly Naked

ok, i’m going to stop at that point. Not because there aren’t other blogs that i follow who are worthy of an award, but because the others i either haven’t read recently enough, or have been given an award by me before. Nevertheless, all the blogs i follow deserve an award but i felt it was  right to give an award to only those i have read recently.

Well done and thank you to the nominees!

The Liebster Blog Award round 2 (final attempt at posting it…)

A few days ago i was graciously given my second award for my blog-another Liebster Blog Award, given by Pouring my Art Out. Thank you so much for the kind nomination!

I Have actually already attempted to post this several times in the past few days, but for some reason it has bugged at the last moment and posted and empty blog, so i’m afraid this is my last attempt at posting of luck for my self.

So a little about the award. It is given to excellent blogs with fewer than 200 followers that an earlier winner of the award chooses. After recieving the award, the nominee then chooses five blogs that he or she believes have fewer than 200 followers and are good enough to recieve the award.

And here are some instructions of what to do if you recieve the Liebster Blog Award…

1. Thank the person who gave you the award-Thank you Pouring My Art Out!

2. Put up a link to their page-done

3 Copy and paste the award onto your blog-The actual picture I think was causing my blog to bug for some reason (no idea why) so i’ve left it off. Those who recieve the award, you can find it on google images 🙂

4. Pass on the award to five bloggers that have less than 200 followers-See below

5. Let them know they won the award by commenting on their blogs-I shall do so after i have posted this post.

The 5 new nominees (as i chose a different 5 last time i won the award) are…

1. Beautywalk– Full of ideas that i must admit i don’t always fully understand but are certainly interesting to read. Theres also the occasional really quirky idea, my favourite being using a coffee maker to cook spinach

2.Life as i see it-Beautiful photos of nature and landscapes with a inspirational quotes. I love blogs like this

3. Rolling With Vishnu– As an agnostic, i find spiritual ideas that i know very little about fascinating. The blogger is a Vaishnava Hindu and I find it particularly interesting reading about Hindu faith through the eyes of a very insightful follower.

4. SorinPhotography-This absolutely fantastic blog focusses on giving great, creative photos but there is also often a deep article to go along with the photography. One of my very favourite blogs at the moment.

5. Theglasgowmusicscene-A relatively new blog with few posts, but as you would guess from the name, it’s about the Glasgow music scene-one of the best music scenes in the world (in my humble opinion of course) seeing as I am from Edinburgh, perhaps  I shouldn’t be admitting Glasgow to be the better town, but when it comes to music Glasgow is the place to be. I look forward to seeing some great musicians on this blog!

Congratulations to my nominees and thank you for your wonderful blogs!