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I am relaunching ‘ThoughtofVG after four years of degree-induced blog neglect! To new readers, welcome. To readers returned, welcome back.

There are many kinds of thought in our world. Sometimes we forget just how many ways exist: The philosopher or theologian draws upon the power of metaphysics; The academic claims to think purely with reason and rationality; The journalist analyses and contextualises, and yet there are still more ways to have thoughts. in the creative worlds, the novelist plays with the human psyche and aesthetic word games; the painter thinks with shape and colour; the musician conveys ideas with sound. The possible rivers of thought are endless, and here is a place to celebrate those rivers in their grand variety.

I’m Tim Van Gardingen, a 24 year old newly-turned graduate who has been writing  since the age of 17. At times I’ve been a poet. At other times I’ve been a travel writer. Sometimes I delved into philosophy. Now I write opinion articles and short stories. What never changes however is my desire to see the world differently.   I am an observer, be that of reality or reality created.

The world has a lot of difficult things to tackle that require much thought.  Sometimes writing seems the only way to bring that maelstrom under control. Whether creatively or critically, analytically or ambivalently; to put a thought on a page has always been a kind of catharsis.

I studied German and Chinese, and hence much of what I write is related to the cultures and languages of these lands which I have grown to love.  I have a passion for languages in general, with varying degrees of proficiency in German, Mandarin Chinese,   Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese and Cantonese.

Much of my inspiration has come from my travels. I lived in China for two years: one in the far west and one in Beijing. In that time I have explored China and many of the surrounding countries quite deeply. I have changed beyond my expectations since the first time I left for Asia and I don’t expect my adventures to end any time soon. Indeed, the next stop is Japan, where I move in August.

You can contact me via Twitter

List of former blogs

TVG in China – wordpress (2015-2016)

Lost for Words -language blog




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