My first poem since October…I hope I haven’t lost my touch, or in a perfect world, a break from poetry may have fueled my love of it! In the end, the reader is the judge…



Glow’ng lights of a dying day

Gifted sight to locked eyes,

Sweet silence in her secret realm;

A place for her alone to dwell.

A world of peace to her displayed,

Her mystic world from them will hide.


The tree upon the hill: It sings

Ballads of lights from green to blue,

Leaves of folded glass are formed

And drift among the calm of storms.

Their song invites her to step in

A welcome home; gift of the muse.

What is it that makes your writing tick? my seven (deadly?) writing needs

As I sat down today to finish off the poem i mentioned yesterday, I suddenly wondered-what exactly do I need before I can write something that i’m proud of. Consequently, I thought it would be nice to write about those essential things that I simply must have to write. So, starting with things which help and going down to the very most essentials, here is what makes my writing tick..

1. A nice cup of coffee or tea. Some of my poems and essays would never have been finished without these trusty beverages. There’s something about the smell and warmth that keeps you going…let alone the caffeine. Cafes often also have the right feel for writing. Why do uni students seem to always hang around  in cafes? They inspire writing! (again…trying to ignore the obvious answer of caffeine…) I have to put this as the least important for a very simple reason however. It also seems to have a dreadful habit of also ruining writing if you rely on it too much.

2. Time.  I’m sure many people would argue with time not being considered that important, but the truth is you can write anywhere, anyplace, anytime if you want. Although changing those three things can of course contribute or remove from what you write, if you keep your pen and paper with you all the time, all it takes is to pull out your notebook as soon as you see something worth writing about. Time is however on the list because you do need to invest time to craft those ideas which have been collected and sculpt them into something.

3.Music. Some need music to write, some can’t stand even the hum of a bird from outside whilst they write. I am a strange one, in that at different times I fall into either group. As I write this, I’m listening to a band called Faun-A German group that play medieval and folk music with a twist (don’t judge my slightly out there taste in music 🙂 ). Right now, that is exactly what I need to keep writing, yet other times it would force me into not being able to think a single word.

4.A pen and paper. Unless you use solely a computer, you need the simple yet loyal paper and pen. Part of me argues that I should put this at the bottom of the list as the most essential part of writing, but as I sit here typing I can’t bring myself to believe that it is the most essential part-So I send out a big apology to any writing purists that will only ever write on paper and never the computer screen.

5.My own notebook. Call me a creature of habit, but I write better if i’m using my favourite notebook. This notebook came from the national museum in London and is decorated to look like part of the Rosetta Stone. very cool. It contains most of my poems, random notes, chord progressions for songs, and notes for a piece of English coursework…among other things. Although it is probably completely phychological, I no doubt write better when I have it with me.

6.Inspiration. What is writing without something to talk about? Luckily the world is full of inspiration-the trick is in spotting it…and in my case, remembering it afterwards. You could write about absolutely anything, but generally you only write at your best when it is something that fills you with passion and fiery emotions. Inspiration is the base of all writing.

and finally 7.a clear and peaceful mind. Writing can almost come close to being quite a meditative exercise and in my opinion that clarity of thought is the most essential part of writing. Inspiration may seem like the true foundation of writing, but without that peaceful, open mind, you miss so much that could have been written about. For the past couple of months in which I have written very little on the blog for example, I haven’t had a peaceful mind; I’ve been stressed every moment of every day. Now however i’m getting to calm down a bit more…a little weird considering the close proximity to exam time, but that just seems to be how it is and i’m not going to complain.

What are your 7 essential things you need to write? Feel free to share them on the comments!

(p.s. Sorry about the rather obvious links on this post. I’m only completely guiltlessly seeing if adding in some the recommended links kicks up the views a bit…)

Where have I been?

So…I haven’t written anything here on my lovely blog for a whole 2 months now. Considering one of my most recent blogs (maybe between 5-10 ago?) explained how i was going to write a blog a day from that point on, it looks like I may have been sidetracked along the way. Well, I do hope I can say truthfully this time that i’m back! Writing-wise, I haven’t had much inspiration lately as it seems to be drowned under the endless work of the past months-mainly German work, but more on that later.

This year, as I believe i have said before, is my last school year ( a year later than it should have been, but never mind . What this means, is that the time to apply for university has finally arrived and therefore much of my time has been focused on that most challenging of tasks lately. Yet for the first time in months, As i sat in a cafe with an espresso in hand, I was blessed with the wonderful – and currently rare – combination of inspiration and time to write. In other words, I have a poem to put up soon! I’m very much looking forward to finishing it; hopefully tomorrow, and rejoining the wordpress community.

As i said above, I am in the process of applying to university now. Let me tell you for what and where I have applied. I will hopefully in the very near future be studying German and Scandinavian studies, and have applied to this course at UCL in London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen…none of which have yet given me offers unfortunately, but all three do say not to expect replies until January. I have also applied to two single honours German courses at Birmingham and Leeds; both of which have already given me offers, which is all very exciting.

I have expressed my love of languages before here on my blog (look for the ‘words of the world’ posts and a very poor attempt at a simple German poem), and since applying for German I really feel like adding a bit more of that language flavour to it. I am considering therefore putting up translations of some of the German songs I listen to, some of which have incredibly beautiful texts.

On a final note, I’m happy to see that despite not posting anything for months, i’m still getting the occasional view. I’m particularly happy to see that I got my first view from Finland, meaning that, Denmark-You’re the last nordic country left! visit soon!

So watch this space-new work will hopefully be on the way soon!