The Death of Rebecca

I’m currently working on a piece of English Lit coursework which the aim of is to compare a number of Gothic texts in whatever way we please. I must say it’s rather nice being able to pick the texts and the essay title for once! One of the novels that I decided to write my essay on is ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier…and instead of writing the essay when i should have been, this poem about the moment we find out that Maxim murdered his late wife, was written. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it despite how grim it all is, but what can you expect from a poem based on a Gothic novel? This poem is written with Maxim De Winter as the speaker.

The sea winds wailed around us as we stood inside the hut,

It called her to her final home, a place where she belonged.

‘fore the sun would come to rise her last moments were cut,

The act so grim, deservéd death, for a life time I had longed.

Rebecca’s form once beautiful began to fade to dust,

I spared her from a slower death that for her crime she should have had.

At least I know her corpse grew cold as ‘je reviens’ turned to rust,

Yet I needed not have murdered her, I needed not go mad.

The cancer ate away her flesh and revealed her deathly form,

So when the fateful bullet fired it tore through flesh and bone.

The succubus just laughed and grinned, and the lightning of the storm

Had pulled the face grotesquely to what daemons pull alone.

And so Rebecca in her death would still once more set sail,

to join a place where she belonged; the swirling depths of sea.

The horror of her soul would flee, each terrible detail,

Yet some scars run too deep to fade, like those she cast on me.

First edition cover

First edition cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sun and Moon

I’m not one to say goodbye before the sun falls,

There’s so much time.

There’s so much time

To dance in the rain and sing away our pain

That nothing lasts forever

That we know

Be my sun;

And I won’t care about the end.

The world around us comes undone;

We may be lost but have a friend.

I’ll be your moon;

If your light fades mine soothes you.

We come to end in times too soon;

Be my sun, I’ll be your moon.

Have a nice day.

One thing I love about having my little space on the internet as that I can reach out across the world and people can see what I think. Each and every one of you that likes a post of mine after reading it, is someone who has shared a moment with me, and I with them. Peoplewe know and see everyday, we may say the infamous ‘how are you?’ and wait for the generic answer of ‘not bad, and you?’ but here, it is something different. We open up before the link between the writer and reader has formed and that way that distant conversation from halfway across the world becomes meaningful and close; a meeting of minds, not secretive smiles of concious cages (I like that line…might have to use it in a poem). So today, I say to the whole world with a smile of joy…

Have a nice day, live today, love today, and let everyone you meet

have a nice day.

Have you left us?

Leaves are falling to the earth

Twist and turn

Float and fall

A wall of falling fire and gold

remind you that you’re getting old

What did you leave for us?

In the tablaeu of our lives

Wake and work

Sleep and wake

Could we be graceful like the leaves?

They fall to earth, She falls to knees

What did you leave for us?

She crumbled in our ignorance

Are there none that we can trust?

We’ve decended into dissonance

What have you left for us?

What have you left for us?