Hope from me.


You had hope for me.

Your love and security

Kept me safe and closed my eyes;

But now I found the innocence dies.

You had hope for me.



You had hope for me.

And I  stand tall among the trees

That from our greed so swiftly burns;

All this because we couldn’t learn.

You had hope for me.



You stole hope from me.

There was nothing there called destiny,

In you I only found the fate;

You are a monstrous world of hate

You stole hope from me.




“Life is not the opposite of death. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal”

“Life is not the opposite of death. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal”
What do you think of this? I think it is profound genius. Although i’m certain they didn’t come up with the idea I stumbled upon this little quote through the lyrics of a band called ‘Anathema’; a band who started of as a doom metal band but have slowly morphed into a very deep, philosophical and hopeful prog rock band. I’m not here to talk about the music though…I can do that in a later post.

Resonance 2

Resonance 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just look at that quote. How does it make you feel? (without trying to sound too much like a physiatrist…) For me, it lifted my uncontrollable fear of death and changed it for something completely different. Now, i see it as a close to one story and the foundation for many others. We fear it because our death will be the end of  our contribution to life. Death is and end, the closing of a book, a change from a G chord to a C, a finishing point. We can’t say that Life is a starting point so is in no way death’s opposite. I guess you could argue that Life has not always existed, so cannot be eternal (no end or beginning), but I think that is contrary to the point being made in the quote.

We tend to see life as we live, then we die. In other words we see life in terms of ourselves rather than what life actually is. As Eckhart Tolle (possibly the man behind the quote, i’m not entirely sure) expands on the quote: If you walk through a forest completely untouched by man, you will be astounded by how much life surrounds you. But also in this unspoilt environment you will find death round every corner-for example a fallen tree, rotting away on the forest floor. This tree is however fuelling life. It’s death gives nutrients to the soil, a home to insects, a feeding ground for animals. Death in itself is essential to life.

English: Head-shot of Eckhart Tolle from direc...

English: Head-shot of Eckhart Tolle from directly in front by Kyle Hoobin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So whether you believe in any form of life after death or not, fear not. Life doesn’t end.


Breath the air.

Let life flow

Inside your soul

and flourish.

Close your eyes.

Let colours glow

You choose what you see

See everything.

Feel the earth.

Its energy

Runs through all

in rivers.

Hear the song

Of nature’s call

She resonates through all

That is living.

In peace,

In harmony,

Sensation of release.

In peace ,

In harmony,

Sensation of release.

everything is inspiration

This is another post similar to the last one; somewhere between thought/diary entry/very very short story. Maybe there is a name for this style of writing, if there isn’t maybe it might catch on…

It is in the darkness and peace of night that my creativity flows. In this mysterious void, that thoughts mingle with stories and ideas and flood out in a terrific yet horrific amalgamation of words on a page. It is a time where I come in contact with myself and ponder; over the day, the world, everything. With reality so easily distorted in the night there is time to stop and think. With borders of realiy blurred and bent we can step further into our minds – maybe to places we don’t want to go – and see what normally cannot be seen. Darkness is inspiration too, not only content for creativity. But then…everything is inspiration.

Trying something new here…

I’ve tried something a little bit different today. Its not a poem and its not really a thought or story. Instead, a sort of more creative way of writing out a thought, but almost verging on (very) short story. I can’t really explain it, so i’ll just share this little bit of writing and you can tell me what you think…

My simple world

It was late. Yet I still kept writing; scribbling away on pages and pages of once pristine white paper. It felt almost terrible to cover something so pure in the scrawling mess of writing that was so haphazardly forced upon it – The paper’s purity slowly being enveloped in a writer’s struggle to express the feelings he know he feels, without knowing exactly what they are.

Reader, I ask you whether you also have felt emotions that don’t seem to fit the limited vocabulary we have devoted to feelings? After all, we all are so different from one another that what we feel and how we are affected by the strange happenings of the world surely cannot be completely described in ways we can accurately pass onto others.

It was one such feeling that I slaved upon into the early hours of the morning. It had been troubling me for a whole day now and seemed particularly out of the ordinary. How could one conversation change the whole of my simple world?

I Write The Headlines

They swallow my every word

As if it made some sense,

It’s printed in the papers now,

My false knowledge dispensed.

I write the headlines,

Make the news for you,

It really doesn’t matter

How much of it is true.

We have Contravertial stories now,

These twisted tales will sell;

Money is what we  care about,

Not the stories that we tell.

I write the headlines,

I hope that you enjoy,

One day you might realise

Just how much that i’ve destroyed.


I haven’t written in ages…I do have the excuse of being on holiday but nevertheless I do feel bad about neglecting you guys.  And a prior apology to ‘pouringmyartout’ for still not writing a happy piece. Sorry!


Teach them lies

Infect their minds

Come inside

It’s warm inside

We are the institution

We are your one solution

Your death leads to salvation

Your life to fuel a burning nation

You can blank our nation’s strife

We taught them lies

Infected their minds

with teachings of a different kind

Its warm inside…



please note i have nothing at all against religion, only the institution and structures behind many religions. I have no intention to offend.