No Trust Deserved

You have pushed me out the door

And I have locked it on myself,

The key thrown madly to the floor;

A symbol of the pain you dealt.


I will not hear your lies again

Staring blankly as if I cared;

The accusations you claimed ten-

Fold more than I should have heard.


The lines between the honest truths

And malicious lies are blurred,

You have not one shot of ruth

And now my sleeping anger stirs.


The human being we all should trust

A loving figure of endless love?

Such misconceptions turned to dust

In the liar’s raging molten stove.


I once forgave you of all wrongs

An act you never did deserve

I should have stuck to saddening songs

As mistrust now with vengeance returns.


3 thoughts on “No Trust Deserved

    • thank you! Yes, maybe I should have a go at something a little happier…It seems i happen to generally be in a bad mood when i write ;). That said, that would make it look like I’m in a constant bad mood which isn’t quite true.

      • I just see you expressing heartache and longing and lost love and crushed dreams. I never assumed it meant you were unhappy. Just deep and full of life experiences.

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