Tonight is my first piece of prose creative writing. I hope you enjoy it!

The wind blows outside and batters against the straining windows of my room. For all I know, it might be more wretched than it sounds out there; rain perhaps pouring relentlessly upon the tiles of my house and lightning cutting through the darkness of the night. I can’t tell though-I’m only half there…

Suddenly I sit up. Falling asleep is the last thing I want to do… Well, that isn’t entirely true, but the unconsciousness part of sleep is not an option tonight. Reader-I am sure you now wonder how I can sleep while being conscious. Worry not; it will be made clear. I only have experience of part of what happens next. Unfortunately for it to work,  I will need to stop thinking and clear my mind entirely. I apologise reader, but I must now ignore you. Good night.

His body became very still, almost lifeless in appearance. There was so little movement from his chest that it would be easy to mistake him for not breathing at all. Despite this self induced paralysis, his eyes remained wide open and on that deathly still face, they burned as vividly and as uncontrollably as two minute suns. Perhaps this is why he was forced to stop thinking those few brief moments ago.

It seem to have worked. I just need to remember not to become excited and fall out of the dream. It truely is a strange sensation to stand looking at my own slumbering body… but I shall not think on that for too long. As for now, I’m exactly where I was when I was awake; the wind still howls like a starved wolf and my room is the same mess it always was.  I turn to my door: The moment of truth. I could do anything my mind dreams up, stepping through this door that used to lead to a hallway with nothing out of the ordinarybut old family photos gathering dust. I have decided. I will step through this door-and see my future.

it was the worst decision of his life.

lucid dream

lucid dream (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

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