words of the world 1

Introducing a new and hopefully regular installment to thoughtofvg-words of the world!

Some of you may have caught onto the fact that I don’t just love the english language but also many many others. I actually hope to study German at university, with either Chinese or the Scandinavian languages depending on how things go.  This love of all words led me to come up with this wonderful idea where I look at some words from different languages that I love for one reason or the other. I hope you enjoy this new idea as much as I feel I am going to, but please comment to tell me what you think!

So heres my first word of the world….

the swedish word ‘Får’

To start off with, it would seem like a fairly mundane word as it is the present tense form of the verb ‘Få’ or in english, ‘to get’. For example ‘kan jag får en öl tack?’ (don’t quote me on the gender of öl…) which would translate as ‘Can i get a beer please?

But where this small swedish word gets a little more interesting is when you find out that ‘Får’ means something else… It’s also the swedish noun for ‘sheep’.

I’m sure english has similarly entertaining words with double meanings, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Feel free to help me out with that in the comments, but at the moment får and får are the winners in my vocabulary.

I can imagine a few unfortunate conversations where, if the swedish was fairly broken and not particularly well spoken, you could really får your ‘fårs’ in a bit of muddle. How about-‘farfar, får får får?’ (grandad, do sheep get sheep?’) Now I don’t know about you readers, but i think that is a bit of får overload. Or how about ‘kan jag får en två år gammal får.’ (can i have a two year old sheep?). Although i really don’t think that sentence would ever be said in reality, its fun to muse on anyway.

Luckily, before you får to mixed up, just remember its all in the context. Just like all those english double meaning words that I can’t think of at the moment.

and one last note…isn’t the å possibly the coolest accented  vowel in existence? or is that just my word geekdom shining through there? (oh and å can be a word all on its own! all we have in english for one letter words are pronouns and articles…the amazing swedish language has å meaning ‘river’! å how about that…)

So thats my first installment of words of the world-please comment and tell my if you like this and whether i should keep it permanently. I can tell you that i really enjoyed writing it! If you really enjoyed reading this, why not hit the facebook like button on the side of my blog to help build up my facebook community! Thanks for reading.

Distribution of the Swedish language. Solid or...

Distribution of the Swedish language. Solid orange areas indicate where Swedish is most widely spoken and is primary official language. Hatched areas indicate the primary extent of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. Français : Distribution de la langue suédoise. Svenska: Svenska språkets utbredning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “words of the world 1

    • hmm, i hadn’t thought of doing english sayings…i like that idea!

      and about that sheep…try wales, scotland or new zealand-the world capital of sheep. får your två år får before its too late.

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