a short complaint.

By looking at my stats i can see that i have only had one view today. I wouldn’t be too bothered about this if i hadn’t had seven likes. In other words six of those seven people simply¬† liked the post without looking…maybe i’m being a little harsh considering it was a painting and the majority of the post would have shown up on the new post feed, but nevertheless i’m against people liking posts just to get more views. Don’t do it guys! Rant over-back to interesting posts soon. ūüėõ


Highland Prince-oil on canvas


Finally, i have finished my latest painting. It may have taken me far too long, but i put that down to it being my first large scale oil painting. As you can see from the previous post with it in, there haven’t been many changes but changing the shape of the island and finishing the foreground has made it so much better…in my eyes at least. From painting this, i can safely say that oils are much nicer to use and certainly more versatile than acrylics. Clouds in particular can be formed beautifully with oils, with the capability to make such a soft and blended finish yet also able to give a good hard line too.¬† From now on i doubt that I will be using acrylics for anything other than quick sketches. Oils are simply beautiful paints.


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album review of Storm Corrosion (self titled album)

I said yesterday that i was going to expand the blog a little more, so here is my first album analysis.¬† Despite calling it a review in the title, I don’t really believe it to be the right word. I don’t plan on giving a score out of 100 or anything like that, but more just to talk a little about what the music is like.

Of course talking about such an album as Storm Corrossion isn’t easy in the slightest, as there really is nothing to compare it to. I’ll start by giving a little bit of background. Storm Corrossion is a collaboration project between progressive rock geniuses Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, No-Man, Bass Communion, Solo projects and more…) and Mikael √•kerfeldt (of progressive metal group Opeth).

These two musicians’ main projects are known for their creativity and not following the mould, clearly shown in their most recent projects (Steven Wilson-Grace For Drowning, Opeth-Heritage). Wilson’s album was voted the best progressive rock album of 2011, some incredible new works from bands such as Dream Theater, and √•kerfeldt’s ‘Heritage’ truely sounds nothing like Opeth has done before being, in general, a much less heavy album than most of their discography. Both of these albums have so many suprising moments that I still find new things in them, even with them being my two most listened to albums of last year. This creativity and change of direction for both artists really shines through in Storm Corrosion.

Yet don’t think this means that Storm Corrosion sounds like a mix of Grace for Drowning and Heritage. It really doesn’t. As is said at the beginning of this post, I cannot think of any other group or song to compare it to. Whilst I tried desperately to think of how to describe the general sound, i came up with a two word answer: Melancholic mystery. It is certainly not a happy album-ironically the track title ‘happy’ is probably the saddest piece of music i’ve ever heard. That said, moments of itare strangely uplifting even if it does have a habit of dropping lower than low afterwards. Perhaps those uplifting moments are need to really accentuate the melancholy of the majority of the piece.

Occasionally there is a glimpse of inspiration from the artists’ previous work. Nearing the end of the title track ‘storm corrosion’, there is a guitar part that sounds very similar to an opeth track…which one exactly I can’t recall, but its almost identical to it. It may be a straight sample, but as it sounds slightly different i’m not sure at all. Wilson having been known to sample from previous works before, does however make this a possibility.

If there is one thing Storm Corrosion isn’t, it is about as far away from easy listening as you can get short of sch√∂nberg’s more experimental music. The album does ease you in gently though, starting with a relatively calm but just as dark and perhaps contraversial ‘Drag Ropes’ but by the time the listener reaches the third track, ‘Hag’, all things experimental have kicked in and the occasional note of the two musician’s heavy rock and metal backgrounds come through. But it all calms down again for the fairly chilled out sixth and final track ‘Ljudet Innan’ (swedish for ‘the sound before’ i believe. √•kerfeldt is Swedish…like alot of amazing musicians).

I¬† believe Storm Corrossion has the possibility of being the best album of the year and without a doubt one of the most creative. Although it is very dark and melancholic in sound, parts can be quite uplifting. My favourite song from the album is track 2-Storm Corrosion, for its stunning beauty and chilled out nature-I don’t think i’ve even heard smooth jazz as smooth as this track. Steven Wilson and Micheal √•kerfeldt do seem to continue to do the impossible and further improve their music even after every album seeming to be as good as it gets.


unfinished piece, but nearly there…


I’m currently spending most of my time working on this canvas, as it slowly drives me mad.¬† The only part that hasn’t changed since beginning work painting is the sky, which i was happy with first time. Everything else has been repainted too many times to re-colour, reshape, etc…and to be completely honest i can’t wait to be finished with it. This also isn’t the most recent stage-i left in frustration today before taking a photo, but so little work was done today that the changed would be hardly noticed anyway. When it’s finished i’ll take a photo with a better camera as the phone camera really doesn’t do justice to the piece. It may not be finished but it does look alot better in reality.

Oh and if anyone thinks they may have seen the scene before, look back to my poem ‘missing the highlands’. The Photo from the hill is of The sound of Seil, on the west coat of Scotland, where this painting is set too.

Oil Paints on Canvas.

on inspiration and moving thoughtofvg to new places in the blogosphere.

It goes without saying that I don’t write regularly enough for this blog. I would love if i felt inspired every day to write, but I haven’t quite got there yet. I was however just reading a lovely post from Talin Orfali which made me realise something I had forgotten, yet is important not just for blogging but for everything creative-you have to always be on the search for inspiration.

The search for inspiration is a wonderful thing. It’s only stressful if you make it to be, like when thinking desperately for something to write about after a mundane day of not doing much. Because of this i’m setting myself a goal from now on. From today onwards I aim to not see any day as mundane, choosing to find interest in the smallest events and moments of the day. I’ll start with today. Talin Orfali’s post on the wonders of blogging itself is my inspirational small moment today. I logged into wordpress with the intention to read a few blogs and check any comments and have instead found a new goal to fulfil-to blog everyday, no matter how large or small the post is. Any regular readers would probably know that finding and reaching goals is very important to me, so finding a new exciting goal is fantastic for me.

In order to do this, I will continue to write alot of poetry, but it won’t neccessarily be the focus of the blog. Instead i hope to come back more to the original idea of thoughtofvg and have a bit of everything-poetry, music, art, philosophy…basically whatever springs to mind as long as it is creative or thought driven. Any followers who are here just for the poetry, sorry about that but it will become much more in line with my original vision and hopefully you might just enjoy following me even more (hopefully…in a perfect world at least).

thoughtofVG’s attempt at posting everyday starts today!





The final point where old paths split and break away;

The pebbles here aren’t ground to sand from heavy feet

Treading out the life and soul from journey’s way.

I choose a path and take a step towards deceit

For strain and sorrow always come

Before the life and joy have won.

English: Crossroad at Ellough

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hand Of Time

The hand reached out towards escape

From a perfect unbroken cage,

But pulled back to reality

It rotates for an age.

All it wishes is to run away from

Ticking ticking time,

Its purpose of existence in

Itself is but a crime.


The hand that turns accused numbers

From boundaries one and twelve

And at each point a person finds

Or loses in themselves

The drive to put away this tool that

keeps us in one place

To never look again upon

Its staring ticking face.


The curse of time held in its place

It never can escape,

From turning round a ticking clock

Never early nor is it late.

English: Street clock in Globe, Arizona, USA F...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)