A follow up to an earlier award post…

I have just realised that on the last award i recieved i was supposed to say 7 interesting things about myself. So i just thought i would do that now…it allows me to write a quick post when I don’t have the time to write a more creative and -dare i say it- a more interesting post. Some of the regular readers might enjoy finding out a few random facts about me though, so enjoy 🙂

1. I had never written a piece of poetry before starting up thoughtofvg and it only became focussed on poetry through pure coincidence. Some people tell me I do a pretty good job of it, so there must be some talent hidden away there 😉

2. My dream is to live in either Germany or Scandinavia making my way in life through creative means only. I dread the 9-5, even if i must at some point be part of it in order to realise my dream.


scandinavia (Photo credit: herbstkind)

3. Music and painting are my mains form of expression, not writing. Luckily writing becomes part of music and words are visual as well as spoken, so everything comes together in the end.

4. I’m still at school and will be for another year. I was forced to stay a year extra than usual in order to study what i wanted to.

5. I am currently on a personal journey to become a better person. I think it is a journey we all should take once we discover the start of its path.  Just as Plato believed, (but in slightly different context) none of us will ever reach the end of it but we certainly are doing better than most to try.

Plato. Luni marble, copy of the portrait made ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. I have one fundamental goal in life. To be happy and to make others happy.

7. none of points 1 to 6 have yet been fully fulfilled.

and a bonus point. 8. I seem to tell this blog more about myself than i tell even my closest friends or family. So i hope you followers get something out of reading my posts 🙂

quick thought on ‘education’

What do we really learn from more?

Do we learn best when we are in schools or universities  being told what to believe and what work we should do in order to understand something; or do we learn best by following the subjects our hearts take us to in our spare time?

Is an institution filled with ‘experts’ really a learning environment or is maybe: a coffee shop, your house, a forest, at the top of a mountain; a better place to learn?

Do we learn from others or ourselves?

Is an hour in a classroom more informative than an hour with a piece of paper, a pen and your mind?

I’m not going to write answers. If i did, i would just be doing what the teachers or lecturers might do in the second question. Stop and think about the questions, even if you no longer attend any form of education-I include evening and weekend classes as education by the way.

I will write one statement though.

We are always learning.

the versatile blogger award

I have been kindly awarded my third blog award by Michelle Bloom.  Thank you so much, I really do appreciate the fact you enjoy reading my blog enough to give me the ‘versatile blogger award’.

Like most of the awards on WordPress, it is required to pass the award onto a few fellow bloggers. In the case of the versatile blogger award, the award goes to 15 people. As i have said on earlier award posts, I don’t follow many blogs, so I may no reach the required 15 people but if you are one of those who do recieve the award it would be great if you could give the award to 15 others.

so the recievers of the award are…


Nomad Grad

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ok, i’m going to stop at that point. Not because there aren’t other blogs that i follow who are worthy of an award, but because the others i either haven’t read recently enough, or have been given an award by me before. Nevertheless, all the blogs i follow deserve an award but i felt it was  right to give an award to only those i have read recently.

Well done and thank you to the nominees!

a pacifist learns from wars of past

A snapping string between two lands calls for the death of men,

it exists not yet causes ‘reason’ for armies to march to war,

but it was not the governments who innocents condemned,

but people with their cardboard signs that violence they adore.

They are content to fight a war as long they’re not involved,

they sit and criticise the pain  from their blinded media views,

Yet will not stand and turn to face a gun-it indifferently revolves,

it is those who will never lift a gun that gives a soldier his news.

The days of sword and honour have been lost to history,

but maybe there’s something to learn from its endless violence;

a constant shadow of  early death held no mystery,

so life-our greatest gift- was loved not put to silence.

Svärdfäste från Valsgärde gravfält