Fundraising calls for sacrifices…

Today was a rather terrifying day for me and heralded quite a change in appearance…

I got my hair shaved off to raise money for my journey to China to teach English for a year. I had (almost wrote have-I haven’t quite grasped the concept of now being nearly bald yet) very long hair and always have had fairly long hair, but now its all gone in order to bring me one step closer to my fundraising target. Just to give you a little idea of just how much a drastic change this was for me, look at this…

I Can’t say I’m a big fan of my new appearance, but sacrifices need to be made when you need to somehow raise over £5000.

To those who are wishing for a new post that is a bit more creative than the last few, I assure you that they are on their way. 🙂

spontaneous piece-burning spheres

I should be studying this evening, but sometimes thoughts get in the way and must be dealt with before one can continue with endless book reading, note taking and essay writing. This is one of those moments.

As of yet, i still don’t know what i’m going to write on this post. I’ll just write what happens to come out of my head and give it a fitting title at the end. At the moment, I know as much about this article as you do; nothing. I think its going to be a poem, as i find it to be the best medium to express confused thoughts.  If you write down confused words on a blank page, things suddenly make sense. Why? its one of those mysteries that I would rather not understand just yet. Ok, i’m starting to develop an idea in my head but its incomplete.this could end up being either incredibly dull and incoherent or a perfect piece. I won’t know until i’ve started so lets see what happens…

The burning green spheres of

Someone or something stares;

Who it is what it is

I don’t recognise or understand.


Fire and water mix together

But neither ends each other,

For their destructive endeavours

This time are focussed on one goal.


The green becomes engulfed in flames

Of uncontrolled and pitiful rage,

The water recedes back within the caves

And waits for time to come.


The fires slowly burning out

Find soon that they are ashes,

And the passionate hues of past

Now are lost to lifeless grey.


But what can cause such fury

When no evil act has passed

Upon no creature or no thing,

Pain surely cannot last?


Yet his cold grasping hands hold fast

Onto the unsuspecting few

And strangle goodness and the last

Traces of the sphere’s changing hue


But as the last of life flows out

From those confused and troubled eyes,

The anger and the troubles mount,

The sphere releases hold and cries.

‘An artist should know all about love and learn to live without it’

I found a spare moment in my work to write a new post! The inspiration for this post however comes from seeing what I should be working on next, in the form of little quotes at the bottom of each page of my planner. I only just noticed this weeks quote, but it has made me think.

‘An artist should know all about love and learn to live without it’ Anna Pavlova

It’s a sorrowful quote and yet I think most creative people will understand the feeling. Artists, Musicians, Writers and the fellow members of the creative community thrive on emotions and feelings. Without them, our work lacks life, power and even interest, but the innate connection with emotions a creative person must have does take its toll and can become severely  depressing. In the case of the dancer who said the above quote, she tells us how we must express fluently what we perhaps don’t have or what we crave, which could become a very painful experience. I don’t know in what context Anna Pavlova’s quote was made, so I may not fully understand it, but how I enterpret her words puts into light one of the ‘curses’ of the creative person; understanding and deserving, without ever earning. Isn’t it sad how we are forced to supress emotions for society?

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An apology for a quiet blog

At the moment, i’m unfortunately quite busy preparing for my end of year exams which is restricting the amount of time I can spend on the blog. So this post is just an apology for the seemingly almost inactive blog but I assure you all that I will return to writing more actively in the near future.


How do you define religion?

My teacher for Philosphy and ethics recently asked me to do some extra essays and background reading after i didn’t quite get the grade i was expecting from a recent exam.  I thought I might share a very short essay i have just done, as its quite an interesting topic. Before you carry on, this is my opinion on the matter and is open to dispute.

How do you define religion?

It is certainly difficult to explain what exactly the definition of religion is. If one attempts to describe it in terms of belief in God, Buddhism wouldn’t be considered a religion and comparatively, Any organisation or collective group would be labelled a religion if the definition of  “a group in which all members have  similar moral beliefs and goals” were used.  A more accurate definition would perhaps be found by comparing the world religions and by discussing what common concepts they share.

Firstly, take for example the Abrahamic religions-Judiasm, Christianity and Islam. The important characteristics of these faiths are the worship of on ‘true’ God and sticking to a moral code written in their respective holy scriptures. Their ultimate goals are to serve God as well as they can in the way the Bible, Torah or Q’ uran has told them.

This differs dramatically from Buddhism, where no God is present in the faith. Instead, Buddhists follow the example of the Buddha to find enlightenment and escape the neverending cycle of reincarnation, which is often considered to be a state suffering in the faith. Yet there is an obvious similarity between the Abrahamic religions and Buddhism; the concept of reaching a spiritual goal.

Does this link remain there with Hinduism? It is a little harder to say in comparison to other faiths, due to the complexity and variation of Hindu worship. If we use one common idea-that all hindu Gods are in fact aspects of Vishnu and is part of everything in existence, we see the link again. If Vishnu is part of everything in existence, then there is a spiritual link between everything.

Conclusively, we can see that what most religions have in common is spiritual awareness and goals, be there a God or not. Abrahamic fiaths have spiritual goals to become closer with God, Buddhism focusses on the journey to spiritual enlightenment and Hinduism acknowledges a spiritual link and awareness between all things in existence. It is therefore not belief in God that separates moral organisations from religions, but spirituality is what makes an organisation a religion.

The Raven

‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe is perhaps my very favourite poem and as there is now a film that goes by the same name (even if it really doesn’t have much to do with the poem itself) i felt it would be a good idea to post this artwork i did a little while ago. I’m not an amazing artist, so i would say this is possibly my best painting.

And heres a little bit of the wonderful poem that inspired my painting…

“Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a stately raven, of the saintly days of yore.
Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he;
But with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door.
Perched upon a bust of Pallas, just above my chamber door,
Perched, and sat, and nothing more.”

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Also for anyone interested, heres a link to a musical version of ‘The Raven’, performed by the amazing band Omnia. Omnia-The Raven

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lingering mists

Upon fearful trees lays a smoky veil

Obscuring and confusing a perfect view

Through the house of Gaia, there is no trail.

Yet around the unseen shine stunning hues.

What lies within those covered trees

That seem to hold such mystery?

What magic holds the veil upon the reeds

Lining the still lake and gentle streams?

How can one majestic scene

Be both serene and fearful

As if it were a vivid dream

Both nightmare and hopeful?


(Artwork by me, quick oil sketch from imagination)